Friday, April 6, 2012

Internet Search Skills for Auditors

Internet Search Skills for Auditors

One of the core competencies of digital literacy is developing search skills for the information superhighway. In order to master this competency auditors need to know the different tools for finding information including search tools. When I say search tools most auditors assume I am talking about applications such as Google or Yahoo. It is true that these represent one category of search tools for auditors. However email discussion groups, interactive forums and email represent truly powerful search tools that many auditors overlook. These interactive one to one and one to many applications are the basic foundation upon which the Internet was created. That foundation represented the ability of professionals to collaborate in a digital environment, sharing information to find answers to issues and troubleshoot problems. Perhaps the most powerful and compelling case for finding information using the Internet is the concept of Internet meta-information or digital information sources. If you can locate a Web site and find a contact (email, phone, or address) you have the possibility of finding answers or locating information through these contacts.

I have found that Internet search skills require a multi-faceted approach in order to be truly successful.

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