Friday, June 19, 2015

Keyword Analytics for Detecting Fraud and FCPA Compliance

There has been much research done in the area of auditors using data analytics to uncover fraud and non-compliance however it is not a standard practice. We have to ask the question why? E&Y and the FBI have received a great deal of media coverage for the list of 3,000 keywords and phrases they developed however all we see listed are bits and pieces of their list. Wouldn't it benefit auditors to have the list of keywords and phrases made available to run textual analytics against company emails and unstructured data? Of course it would but that list is not available to auditors either as a service to the profession or even for purchase. 

AuditNet® conducted a Keyword Analytics Survey in 2014 that more than 600 auditors responded to. Many of those auditors shared keywords and phrases and we created a comprehensive list of close to 3,000 words and phrases that is now being made available as a service to the profession. For details visit In addition AuditNet® and their partners have video training and tools including Excel macros and other add ins that make the process intuitive. 

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