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IIA International Conference Observations Friday, september 21, 2007

friday, september 21, 2007

IIA International Conference Observations

The Bradford Cadmus Memorial Award was presented at the 2007 IIA International Conference in Amsterdam. The International Conference was truly an incredible event. It provided a unique opportunity to network with professionals from around the world, meet with auditors who had been regular users of the AuditNet site and reach out to new auditors from many countries who have only recently discovered the opportunities for sharing available via the Internet. Receiving the Bradford Cadmus Memorial Award was the icing on the cake and was a very special moment for me and my family.

I joined the Institute in 1984 shortly before passing the Certified Internal Auditor exam. I immediately got involved by becoming a volunteer member of the Northern Virginia Audit Club and then a Charter Member of the Northern Virginia Chapter. In 1989 I had the privilege of serving as the Chapter's Third President. During that year I worked closely with the other professional organizations in the Washington, D.C. area and brought Larry Sawyer to the area for a full day seminar. My wife and I had the honor of taking Mr. Sawyer and his wife Esther out to dinner. I was in awe as this was the father of Modern Internal Auditing and a recipient of the Bradford Cadmus Award in 1973. My first thought when I received the phone call (from Bill Taylor) was to pinch myself because I was being honored with the same award given to Larry Sawyer, Mort Dittenhoffer, Jim Wesberry, Dave Dunbar, Jim Hooper , Hans Spoel, Anthony Ridley, and Bill Taylor all of whom I have personally met. It was a great feeling and a tribute to every auditor who supported me in my quest to build an online information network for auditors.

I recently received photos and a video from the event and thought it would be appropriate to post them here along with my acceptance speech.

It is truly an honor to receive this award and be recognized by my peers for doing something that I felt needed to be done and as well loved doing.

AuditNet was conceived by merging two things; Progress Through Sharing (the motto of the IIA) and the Internet, a medium created expressly for the purpose of fostering communications between individuals sharing a common interest.

Little did I know that an article that I wrote for the Internal Auditor Journal in 1993 would result in the creation of a global digital information network. This was dream that became a reality.

This week I have met auditors from around the world who have never met me face to face or shaken my hand. Yet they knew who I was, perhaps sent an email and visited the digital resource that I created. Coming to Amsterdam personalized a sometimes impersonal environment.

AuditNet would not have been possible without the support of the IIA, which acted as an incubator for my conceptual model. Additionally the support of the global audit community was a necessary ingredient in growing this tool. Finally I must acknowledge the support of my family, and especially my wife Robbie, who endured my many hours of surfing the net, sending emails and promoting the use of the Internet as an audit tool.

Involvement in the IIA truly changed my life. I am proud to be an internal auditor and more importantly to be an active member of the IIA.

Thank you all for this prestigious award!

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